Why Do Some Employers Choose To Drug Test? Comments Off on Why Do Some Employers Choose To Drug Test?

Why Do Some Employers Choose To Drug Test?

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Economics, Social life

Let’s explore a complex topic: Workplace drug testing.

Do the costs out way the benefits? Should employers simply be allowed to work based on their performance, regardless of drug use?

Drug Testing Overview

image of drug testing employees 1Employers today have to be very careful about who they are hire because of all the laws and regulations on the books. One way that they use to screen potential employees is by having them submit to a pre-employment test which involves urine testing. It is necessary in today’s work environment because the employer can be held liable should an employee show up to work intoxicated.

For obvious reasons employers do not want to have workers show up to the job impaired since it is their business and they have a lot to lose. Although you may feel that you are infringing upon a person’s right to privacy, a pre-employment test that involves taking a urine sample at a lab is really the only way to protect yourself during the hiring process.

Interested in some drug test tips?

Public Jobs

Any job that involves the public you must have employees that are of sound mind. Just think what could happen if employees were taking illicit drugs and part of their job involved driving a car or truck. The accidents that can occur and the lawsuits that follow will easily put you out of business unless you can withstand multi-million dollar claims. Not many businesses can, which is why it is incumbent on you to have a secure pre-employment screening process in place.

In addition to urine testing it is also very important to do background checks on all potential employees. Unfortunately people tend to lie a lot on their resumes and applications, so having a process in place that checks their background will ensure that they are at least being truthful. As business owner one of the most important qualities of an employee is are they trustworthy. You are not going to around them at all times and monitor everything they do, so you need to be able to trust them because it is your name that is on the business.

Urine Testing

Urine testing a very common form of pre-employment testing and a simple detection method to screen out anyone involved with illegal drugs. The person shows up at lab and is then required to give a urine sample. This is then processed and the results are made known to the employer within a few days. Most businesses require employees to do this today as part of getting hired, so don’t think you’re being singled out. It may be a part of the insurance contract that the employer has in order for his or her business to be insured.

Other Testing Options

In addition to urine testing many employers today also have pre-employment tests that screen each person for their intelligence. It could mean that the job requires people with certain types of abilities, or perhaps it is a way to place potential employees in different departments depending how they scored on the test.

Keep in mind businesses want to be a fine-tuned machine, so having employees who are drug free and are placed in the right positions, will allow not only the company to succeed but everyone will be much happier. You want to put people in jobs where they can succeed, and with pre-employment testing it mainly ensures that someone is doing a job that matches their skill set and capabilities.

Unsafe Work Environment?

With many employers today worried about being sued because of an unsafe environment for their employees, it is very important that they follow state and federal guidelines when it comes to hiring practices. Even after you hire employees it is now become mandatory that they submit to drug testing at least once a year as condition of employment. Additionally, companies also make their employees go through more tests to see what they have learned while on the job.

In the past it may have been much easier to get hired, you simply show up to the job, hand them your resume, have an interview and if they like you then chances are you will get called back. Nowadays everything is technical and done by the book since there is so much more to lose for each employer. Since It is very expensive to hire each employee, pre-employment testing is the best way to ensure that they are making a sound investment.

Better Employees

As business owners look for ways to cut expenses it is incumbent on all of them to hire the right people for the job. The cost of pre-employment testing is not a lot when you factor in the time it takes to train somebody and get them up to speed. The cost factor is enormous when you hire the wrong people because then you have to do the entire process over again. So you can see why pre-employment testing is highly beneficial for ever employer. In the long-run it saves them a lot of money.

Every business is only as good as their employees, which of course means that they need to be able to work well with each other and the public. As part of the pre-employment testing this can all be figured out. But one thing an employer must do is hire the right pre-employment screening company to help get the best candidates in your office. You can either hire an outside company to do the entire screening process or you can do it in house. Most companies that afford it have both an in house screening process as well as someone on the outside who finds the best candidates.


So much is at stake with each employee hired that it only makes sense to have proper pre-employment testing. This is especially true today since it is much harder to make a buck for the average company. By having the proper pre-employment screening in place, you give your business the best chance to hire trustworthy candidates.

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How To Get A Better Social Life Comments Off on How To Get A Better Social Life

How To Get A Better Social Life

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Social life

A lot of people complain that they don’t have an interesting social life. Often people tend to have the same friends for and your entire life and they get tired of their friends and family. If you would like to improve your social life by all means continue to read that this very much informative article that will help you not only to find friends but also to keep them and work when your social skills as well as on your social life. About your social life will provide you a better life experience altogether. You will learn a lot of things that you didn’t know all from various different people and you will share their experiences.

  1. Make Contacts

At first it may seem difficult to make contacts, but once you get a hang of it you will do it with ease. For example, if you meet someone on the bus station, ask them to add you as a friend to one of your social networks, or get their number. If you accomplish to achieve contact with someone, and down to just let it slide.

  1. Social Networking

Furthermore, if you want people to be able to find you, you should make sure that you our present at social networks. In this way people that you don’t know will be able to reach out to you, as well as people you have just met. All they will need to know is your name and surname, and they will be able to find you. Also, you should work on your social networks in order to make them better and portray your life an interesting way so that people will be interest is to reach out to you and establish contact and communication.Make-Friends-on-Vacation

  1. Make Friends

Making contacts is fairly easy when compared to making friends. If you want to befriend someone, make sure and that you find something that you can do together like an activity, or that you go out together in order to bond. Once you have bonded with someone, make sure and that you keep in touch with them every once in a while so that you don’t lose that connection. Make sure and that your connection goes beyond the superfluity of the everyday stuff, and you will be able to bond with these people.

  1. Find Hobbies

If you want to be able to make friends you should look for hobbies that you can do and places where you can go in order to meet people with similar interests. If you follow your natural interests in hobbies that appeal to you, you will certainly and up in a group of people who are similar to you at least at this one particular aspect. Also, you will have something in common that you can talk about and something that will bring you together.600_433176290

  1. Be Proactive!

The most important thing to remember is that you should be proactive, reach out to people, make contacts and work on your people skills and your social skills for the rest of your life.

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How To Improve Social Skills Comments Off on How To Improve Social Skills

How To Improve Social Skills

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Social life

Some people are totally bad at being sociable and making friends, but if you find yourself to be one of these people you should remember that you don’t have to be desperate about your bad social skills, since it is obviously something that can be improved and something that you can work on. In order to improve your social skills all you have to do is follow these tips which will definitely come in handy next time you meet someone, or talk to someone you already know.

  1. Show Interest

Some people those contacts and friends because they fail to show significant or sufficient interest in their lives. Showing interest in people will ultimately show them that you care about them and that you respect them. All you have to do is show some interest in their personal lives and things that matter to them and you are bound to have a little bit more friends than you used to.

  1. Listen

Some people find it difficult to listen to other people’s problems, and this is entirely understandable. Your head is already full with your own problems you don’t want to listen to anyone else’s. However, if you would like to make friends and be more sociable, you should learn how to listen to people’s problems. But not the only sure you listen to them, but you should also show interest into their problems.

  1. Ask Questions

Question-Everything1-300x3004Furthermore, you should learn how to ask questions. You can show interest in various ways, but the best thing that is definitely asking questions. You should ask questions that come from such point of view that really shows your empathy and compassion with this person. For example, if a friend is talking about an important project at work, make sure that you ask them in what way they are handling this very difficult situation, and make sure and that you praise their ability to handle such a difficult situation on their own.

  1. Find Something To Admire

If your wants to make more friends, you will have to learn how to find something to admire in each person that you establish contact with. If you manage to find something that you find admirable with each person you come in touch with it’ll be much easier for you to show genuine interest, and genuine compassion, and genuine admiration and praise. Perhaps you don’t agree with certain aspects of their personality or in their opinions, but find something good and positive that you will concentrate on. But if all learning how to find in this positive feature, it now eats maybe sat in a bunch of negative ones, is clearly teaching you how to look at the world from are positive point of view and perspective.

  1. Relate To Them

If you want to be able to make more social contacts, you will have to learn how to relate to people. Not only that did they will positively react to your praise and interest into their lives, but you will also have to find something in your own life that you can use to relate to them and their experiences.

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Things You Should Know About Politics Comments Off on Things You Should Know About Politics

Things You Should Know About Politics

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Politic science

There are numerous things we don’t learn at school, but we manage to learn in everyday lives. One such this is definitely politics. Even though you might learn a thing or two about politics at school, your general political interests and opinions will be shaped and formed by the everyday stuff that you hear in the news and read in the newspapers. Here are five things that everyone knows about politics from everyday lives, and that you should know too!senat

  1. Politics Is All Around Us

The first thing is as clear as a day that’s politics surrounds us and that we are completely immersed in this political world which is everything but black and white. The complete polar opposites do not exist in political world. Politics is not just something that surrounds us, it’s something that governs our daily lives and enters our private lives whether we are aware of it or not, whether we want it or not.

  1. Politics Means Power

The next thing that you will figure out on your own sooner or later, whether you are into politics or not, it is that politics generally means power. If you control politics, you will control of vast number of people. In other words, this means you have the world at the palm of your hand, and it is for you to decide what you are going to do with it.political-systems-4-728

  1. There Are Different Types Of Politics

Of course, even if for no one ever tells you, if you will figure out that there are different types of politics, and different types of politicians who take part in this political world. Sometimes, politicians may reprise and a certain political party, and they will stick to the opinion and choices this political party supports, even if they themselves might not agree with these opinions 100% of their time.

  1. Politics Concerns You

Sooner or later you will also see that all it takes is something that concerns you. Just because you take a special politicsinterest in politics. Or because this is something that you like to debate on, but because it’s directly influences your own life. Politics ultimately governs each and every single one of our lives, no matter how we might perceive it as detachable from politics; it is most certainly and definitely not. And this is precisely why you should take an interest in politics, because it concerns you, it concerns your partner, your kids, your family, your life.

  1. Pick An Opinion Not A Side

As each has been previously mentioned, even though in politics you usually have ‘sides’, it is important that you pick an opinion, and not a side. Perhaps you will mostly agree with a certain political current, but that doesn’t mean that you have to, or that you will necessarily agree with everything, that political party suggests. It is important that you remember to follow your own moral compass.

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Decoding Human Behavior: Why Do People Cheat? Comments Off on Decoding Human Behavior: Why Do People Cheat?

Decoding Human Behavior: Why Do People Cheat?

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Social life

Cheating – one of the main reasons why people and up to broken-hearted, why marriages fall apart, why children grow up in broken homes, and why a lot of people feel either pain of not being good enough, or in the pain of hurting someone they have cared about so dearly. Trying to decode human behavior and give an answer to why people cheat is not that easy, because you have to take all the relevant pieces of information into account. Still, even though each and every situation is unique in its own way, here are some of the general reasons why people decide to cheat in relationships.

  1. Falling In Love

Starting from the most benign reason why people cheat is that they have fallen in love. Perhaps you would like to believe that someone has been unfaithful to you because they have found their true love with someone else. This is of course the most positive way to look at the situation and justify someone’s actions. However, you should also take into consideration the fact that you cannot really fall in love with someone a less you have fallen out of love with someone else. Also, in order to fall in love with someone, you should spend time together and bond. This is of course an activity which can be avoided, and which is often done on purpose.

  1. Following Basic Instincts

Some people cheat because they follow their basic instincts. However, it’s fairly easy to pin all the blame to your hormones and instincts, and it is much more difficult to conduct your behavior with respect towards your partner. When people allow themselves to follow their natural, basic instincts, they have obviously stopped caring about the feelings of the other party, and whether their actions will bring any serious consequences to the relationship.benefits

  1. Opportunity

Some people might achieve because they have seen a good opportunity to do so, without suffering any consequences. If this is what motivates your partner, then it is clear that had been there been for the social framework and consequences that they would have done it whenever they are in such position. If someone chooses to be faithful to only because of the social framework, they don’t really choose not to do so because of their feelings towards you.

  1. Resentment & Lack Of Satisfaction

Sometimes people cheat because they feel resentment towards their partner. This resentment often stems from the lack of satisfaction that should come from the relationship. Perhaps your partner doesn’t feel appreciated, or loved enough, and subsequently chooses to find love and appreciation with someone else. If you have done yourself to show love and appreciation towards your partner, you should not reproach yourself for not being able to make them feel loved.sex_advice_notenough_042411

  1. A Way Out

For some people cheating is only a way out of a bad relationship that they don’t know how to abandon. Let’s face it, some people are cowards, they would much rather stay with someone until someone else comes along. Of course, this is not fair, and you should put yourself in your partner’s position and finish the relationship if you feel that you cannot wait for it to be over and someone new to come along.

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Decoding Human Behavior: Why Do People Lie? Comments Off on Decoding Human Behavior: Why Do People Lie?

Decoding Human Behavior: Why Do People Lie?

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Social life

Sometimes, it can be rather difficult to decode human behavior. This is because we humans differ in all areas of life and opinions. Also, this is one of the beauties about being human.

That being said, everything the person does is influenced by their own sets of values, beliefs and experiences, and it is difficult to pinpoint exactly a reason for a certain human behavior. However, today we are trying to decode one of the most frequent, as well as one of the most annoying human behaviors – lying. The deliberate act are not telling the truth, may lie in some or all of these reasons.

  1. Fear

Children often lie because they are afraid of the consequences. The same it is with adults. If you are afraid that the truth will upset someone, or bring certain consequences that you wouldn’t like, perhaps you might just choose not to tell the truth. Fear is often what lies at the very most center of someone not telling the truth. You will just have to take some time and figure out what it is that they are afraid of.

  1. Benefits

crySome people lie because of their own gain. If you can think of a reason how a person would benefit from lying, you’ll have probably exposed a liar. That being said, local or people will lie for their own benefit. Some people might lie just to hurt someone. If that is the case, then someone else’s sorrow and pain is what motivates them. This means that they take pleasure in someone else’s pain and sorrow. On the other hand, some people may lie to protect someone, and protect someone else’s best interests.

  1. Unawareness

Even though you may spend some time to figure out why people have lied to you about something, you should also take into account that a lot of lies may occur without any intention. Perhaps the person who have told you something that is not true, may be unaware themselves that this is a lie. Before you accuse someone of lying to you, make sure and that you know that they have been aware of not telling the truth.

  1. Their Point of View

Furthermore, you should also take into account that all of us experience the world differently, and perhaps these people are only expressing their own point of view, or how they have experienced something. This doesn’t necessarily means that they are liars, or that they are lying in order to hurt you. Perhaps, this is their genuine point of view and how they have experienced a certain event, or a certain opinion.political-manipulation

  1. Manipulation

People often wonder is manipulation lying? Well, lying is certainly a way to manipulate people. Also, omitting the truth, is not to actually lying per se, but it is a sort of manipulation which is purposefully done with the same reasons why people lie. If someone chooses to omit the truth, and does this on purpose, they probably have the same motives as people who lie.

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